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UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences
  Incorporating The Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis


About Us

Aims and objectives




Our centres:

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     o Liverpool

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     o Wales And Borders

Aims and objectives

The mission of the UK Academy is to advance the professional practice of the therapeutic arts and sciences through the provision of high quality courses and excellence in the support of our students, members and associates while recognising that the needs of the public who receive the therapeutic services are paramount.

The UK Academy not only trains therapists, but also publishes books on relevant subjects.


In 2006, the Academy amalgamated the Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis (WSCAH). This had been founded in 1996 and so we have a history of training hypnotherapists over more than a decade. Shaun Brookhouse is the Principal of the School.


Our trainings are about empowerment, both on an individual and professional level. Our aim is your achievement.

The UK Academy is actively involved in the hypnotherapy profession on both a National and International level. We currently support efforts into the standardisation of hypnotherapy training standards and professional ethics and practice. Shaun Brookhouse (as well as UK Academy Vice Principal, Fiona Biddle), was involved in the drafting of the National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy in 2002.

The UK Academy is staffed by either qualified educators or those actively working towards these credentials. Additionally, all have taken the National Guild of Hypnotist Certified Instructor qualification. We are the only school, as far as we are aware, committed to having our programmes delivered by qualified teachers as well as qualified clinicians.

UK Academy is accredited by many prestigious organisations like

In 2000, UK Academy incorporated the Core Curricula of the National Guild of Hypnotists into our internationally recognised Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis. We are also recognised for the Nationally Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma through the National Council for Hypnotherapy.

We have an experienced and dedicated group of hypnotherapists and trainers. Each trainer strives to create a supportive and challenging classroom atmosphere to encourage students to participate. Where the UK Academy differs from other hypnotherapy schools, is that all of our trainers are full time Clinical Hypnotherapists , as well as trainers, we believe that a trainer should have real world experience in hypnotherapy before being able to teach it to others.


We offer:

Our centres

Manchester: Shaun Brookhouse, Principal

Shaun Brookhouse GCGI, MA, CertEd, ADHP(NC), DEHP(NC), HPD, ECCH, CMI, DNGH, FNCH, is an award winning hypnotherapist and trainer (in both in the UK and US). He earned a Graduateship Diploma (First Degree Equivalent) in Counselling and Hypnotherapy, a Masters Degree in Education Studies (Researching the development of training in Hypnotherapy 1971-1998), a CertEd (Teaching Credential) which the assessment was based in part on the course he designed in clinical hypnosis, an Associateship Diploma from the College of Teachers and Licenciateship in Training and Development. For full details of his credentials go to CV .

Shaun is a Certified Master Instructor, and is the International Affairs Officer on the Board of Advisors and a Board Certification Examiner. with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and largest hypnotherapy society in the world. Shaun is also the past Chairman of the National Council for Hypnotherapy , one of the UKís premier hypnotherapy societies. Additionally, he is an NLP Master Trainer.

Shaun was one of the first hypnotherapists in the UK to earn US Board Certification, as well as being one of the first two hypnotherapists to earn the externally accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma. He is Principal of the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences and the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy and lectures on the subjects of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistics internationally.

He has received several Fellowships and awards for his contributions to the hypnotherapy profession world wide. In addition to Shaun's considerable academic and professional credentials, he has also received the following awards for his work within the profession:

  • The Rexford L North Memorial Trophy for Life Time Achievement from the National Guild of Hypnotists, their highest honour (2004)
  • The Hartland Memorial Award from the National Council for Hypnotherapy, First Receipient (2005)
  • Ormond McGill Chair, National Guild of Hypnotists (2006)
  • International Visionary Award, National Guild of Hypnotists, First Receipient (2005)
  • Order of Braid, National Guild of Hypnotists, (2005)
  • The Presidentís Award from the National Guild of Hypnotists, their second highest honour. (2002)
  • Hypnosis Journalism Award from the National Guild of Hypnotists (2003)
  • The Pioneer Award for from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (2003)
  • The Sealah Award from the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame (2001)
  • The Honorary Service Award from the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (1995)
  • The Hypnosis Research Award from the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists (1997)
  • A Special Commendation from the Centre Association of Psychotherapists (1998)
  • 3 Special Recognition Awards from the American Board of Hypnotherapy (1998-2000)
  • The Hypnotherapy Research Society's Special Award for Contribution to the Profession of Hypnotherapy. (1998)


Bristol, Bath & Cheltenham: Hilary Norris-Evans

Hilary Norris-Evans, BA(Hons), L-es-L, CertEd, DABCH, BCH, CI, MPNLP, Senior Clinician, CPC, MNCH(Acc). Hilary holds honour degrees from The Universities of Manchester and Dijon in France  and  a post graduate teaching qualification from The University of London.  25 years of her early career were spent as a linguist, project leader and Manager in Further and Higher Education, before she decided to embark on a new career  in NLP and Hypnotherapy. She has been a practising hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner since 1996, with a particular interest in the use of language in hypnotherapeutic situations. With a busy practice in Wiltshire, including in company stress management  and assertiveness training programmes, she also brings her knowledge and experience as a Coach, Master Practitioner in NLP and teacher to create a dynamic, envigorating learning experience for those students who train with her . Her learning and teaching ethos is very much centred  around empowering students in small groups to develop their own style as hypnotherapists and enabling them to feel confident practitioners from the very beginning of their career. She is the NCH Specialist Advisor on Confidence, a trait that hypnotherapists need to develop at the start of their career. She is a qualified NVQ Assessor and Supervisor too, so students can be sure their trainer is qualified and experienced not just in hypnotherapy , coaching and NLP but in all other aspects of the learning experience , including expert, sensitive  help with their portfolio, case study work and practice alongside continuing professional support through supervision and action centred learning. She is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer with The NGH( USA) and her new interest lies in training hypnotherapists to help with gambling addiction and researching this growth  problem area. You can find out more about Hilary by contacting her via her website, www.getmindfit.co.uk or by contacting her at info@getmindfit.co.uk or getmindfit@hotmail.com.




Essex: Danielle Lyons

Danielle Lyons, BSc(Hons), MSc, PGCE, DipCH.P(MT), BCH, CI, MNCH(Reg). Danielle is both a hypnotherapist and health psychologist who trained originally in hypnotherapy at Harley Street, London. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the school. As a qualified teacher, she is in a unique position to utilize both hypnotherapeutic and educational theory to make the learning experience a truly enjoyable process for aspiring hypnotherapists. She is a certified Smoking Cessation Specialist as well as being a Certified NLP Practitioner. She can be contacted at Danielle@hypno-nlp.org or www.daniellelyons.co.uk




Scotland: John D Lawrence, Principal WSCAH Scotland

John D. Lawrence BSc (Hons), DHP, Dip. CAH, Dip. (Erk) Hyp. BCH, CI, Master NLP and Meridian Therapy Practitioner is based in Central Scotland. He has a client base extending throughout Scotland although he has worked with clients from all over the U.K. and abroad for specific issues. He is a member of the National Hypnopsychotherapy Council and the National Council for Hypnotherapy. He was awarded "The Researcher of the Year Award, 2002" for his work on phantom limb pain and amputees by the latter organisation and holds senior clinician status with that body. He is a volunteer clinical hypnotherapist with the National Phobics Society. He is on the Register of Approved Gastrointestinal Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists helping to relieve ailments of the digestive system (IBS) and (IBD) etc. Currently he is one of only two Scottish expert advisors serving on the Prince of Wales's Foundation for Integrated Health, looking at the integration of complementary therapies in to the NHS. He is also a director and chair of Holistic Health Care Ltd a Scottish charity working to promote education, research and the relief of sickness in a Holistic manner.You can find out more about John at www.highland-hypnosis.co.uk You can find out more about WSCAH courses in Scotland at john@hypno-nlp.org


Scotland: Rae Jenson

Rae Jenson BA (Hons), PGGE, Dip CAH, PNLP, BCH,.CI, PEFT. Rae is a National Guild of Hypnotists Board Certified Trainer and Board Certified Hypnotherapist working in Falkirk, Central Scotland. She works with clients in a wide range of issues, including anxiety, phobias, smoking cessation and specialising in the area of Weight Management. She is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. Rae is an artist and brings her own creative style to the training environment. She has recently completed the new HPD qualification. You can find out more about Rae Jenson at www.hypnosis-scotland.com or rae@hypno-nlp.org

Liverpool: Neil Foster

Neil Foster, Dip CAH, HPD, MNLP, RTS, CPC
Neil Foster has earned
Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy (UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences)

Neil has been in full time practice since 2006 and has a thriving Hypnotherapy and Coaching Practice in Liverpool City Centre.
Neil is a professional member of the following;

Neil teaches the UK Academy course in Liverpool

To contact Neil, phone 0151 2018167

Or email: neil@hypno-nlp.org


Wales & Borders: David Collingwood Bell

David Collingwood Bell, CertEd, DipCAH, BCH, CI, MNCH(Reg). David is Delwyn's resident hypnotherapist and a Principal Consultant with the Brookhouse Hypnotherapy Group, has now had over 30 years of experience in helping people make their changes for the better. As a key qualification David gained the Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis, awarded by the the Washington School of Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis. As evidence of his continuing professional development, he has also been awarded the Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He is also qualified as an Instructor of Hypnotherapy, having gained this certification from The National Guild of Hypnotists He has also trained to use Hypnosis for Childbirth and is a Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Childbirth Educator certified by the HypnoBirthing Institute, offering programmes for expectant mothers and birthing companions leading to a more comfortable, relaxing, and easier childbirth. David runs the Washington School programme in Wales and he can be contacted at www.delwynhypnotherapytraining.co.uk or email him at hypnodelwyn@aol.com.

Fiona Biddle, Vice Principal

Fiona Biddle, BSc(Hons), DipCouns, DipCAH, HPD, CI, FNGH. Fiona has been in professional practice since the early 1990's. he began her working life in computer systems which may seem an unusual beginning for a therapist, but the insight she gained from working with systems has transfered nicely into a systemic approach to therapy which she employs today. In addition to her therapeutic work, she is also Managing Director of The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. You can contact Fiona directly at www.fionabiddle.co.uk or email her at admin@hypno-nlp.org

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